MIBI 2019: Post-Game Analysis – KL DRAGONS Vs Xiamen University

We withheld a late fightback from the spirited Xiamen University to finish our 2nd MABA International Basketball Invitational campaign with a 90-81 win.

We were once again missing Amir Bell and John Wong due to injury.
此战阿米尔·贝尔 (Amir Bell) 与黄凯杰因伤再度缺阵。

Hungry to end the tournament with a win after losing all their games so far, Xiamen University started strong keeping the first quarter close thanks to the paint offense of Du Bochao who had 8 points.

Just as they were hungry, we are just as determined to finish our tournament well and led by Nicholas Tem Zhen Jie’s three three pointers and Will Artino’s 13 points, we earned some breathing space, taking a 27-20 first quarter lead.
同样在厦门大学渴望拿下首胜之际,我们也一样带着拿下胜利来结束邀请赛的决心,在分别由刁振杰的3颗三分球以及威尔·阿提诺 (Will Artino) 13分的带领下,让我们争取了一些喘息空间,以27比20领先首节。

Picking up our good form to end the first quarter, we kept up the momentum in the second, quickly pushing the lead to double digits early thanks to a Will Artino offensive putback.
随着首节良好的状态,我们第二节也延续了良好的节奏,多亏威尔·阿提诺 (Will Artino) 在进攻端的补蓝,让我们很快的将分差拉到双位数。

Xiamen struggled to pick up any momentum in the second quarter against our defense, committing eight turnovers and only scoring four field goals as we kept up our push, increasing the lead 23 at the half.

We managed to keep our momentum for most of the second half maintaining the lead at above 20 before Xiamen University gave us a scare in the fourth quarter, cutting the lead to single digits thanks to five three pointers from Zhuang Zhan.

Through careful clock management and key baskets from Will Artino, we stood firm to close out the game with the win.
靠着谨慎的读表能力和威尔·阿提诺 (Will Artino) 的关键得分,我们成功站稳脚步且带走了胜利。
Will Artino once again put in a monster performance with 42 points, 15 rebounds and 3 steals. Nicholas Tem Zhen Jie once again had an impressive showing with 21 points (73% shooting) and 5 assists. Chiang Wei Er contributed 11 points while Teoh Yi Kang dished out 7 assists.
威尔·阿提诺 (Will Artino) 共得42分15篮板3抄截,带来怪兽级的表现。刁振杰继上一场的比赛后,同样带来了非凡的表现,共得21分(73%命中率)和5助攻。而曾维尔与张以康两人分别贡献了11分与7助攻。

It proved to be an efficient day on offense for the team as we had a 54% shooting day while racking up 22 assists.
我们整体命中率为54% 在加上共传出22个助攻,可说是有效率的团队进攻。

In the post game interview, Coach Jamie Pearlman said , “I think our execution has improved across the tournament, defensively and offensively but we need to learn better with the lead.”
在赛后采访时,杰米·帕尔曼教练 (Jamie Pearlman) 表示:“我认为我们在攻守两端的执行能力随着邀请赛而有所进步,但我们需要学习如何应付领先球。”

“We’ve been getting strong leads but we’ve been getting too relaxed when we really should be playing harder. That’s the mindset we have to build as a team. We still need to play sharp and disciplined basketball and play our fourth quarter as though it’s still the first.”

“On an overall I felt we didn’t meet our overall tournament targets and it showed that we’re still early in our preparations for ABL. We have to improve on countering our opponent’s zone defense and pressure defense up the floor.”
“整体来说,我认为我们没有达到我们在这邀请赛对自身的期望,而这也让我们看见我们对东南亚篮球联赛 (ABL) 的准备不足。我们需要提高我们应对对手区域联防和全场压制防守的能力。”

A summary of our 2nd MABA International Basketball Invitation results:-
vs Formosa Dreamers – 85-77 (W)
vs Malaysia National Team 71-87 (L)
vs ACBA Dragons 46-54 (L)
vs Wah Chin Kings 100-83 (W)
vs Xiamen University 90-81 (W)
71-97 负马来西亚国家队
46-54 负澳洲华人篮球协会
100-83 胜华青国王

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