Source adapted from: China Press

Writer: Jordan Yap 
Original Language: Chinese

Date: 17-5-2020

(Kuala Lumpur, 17 April) “Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur City will always be in my heart.”

The pandemic COVID-19 has led to an indefinite suspension of the ASEAN Basketball League, and also the transfer of an import of Kuala Lumpur Dragons. Be’er Sheva Basketball Club has made an announcement of signing Amir Bell “the Blur”, an American Point Guard, to finish the rest of the Israeli Premier League, with a player option to sign on.

After the indefinite suspension of ASEAN Basketball League, Kuala Lumpur Dragons has then terminated the contracts with Bell, Artino, Davis and their “local import” Lepichev. So far Bell is the first to find a new job among the imports. According to Bell, he will depart to Israel this coming Sunday.

Amir, averaging 15.7 points, 7 rebounds & 7.2 assists, with 39% in 3-PT Field Goal Percentage, has played 17 games with the Dragons which has a total of 10 wins and 7 losses.

Asked about his most memorable moment of his ABL career, Amir said, “Probably the comeback win in our first home game against the Dreamers.  But overall I enjoyed being able to go out and compete with my Dragons teammates every game”, said Amir.

Kuala Lumpur Dragons had their first home game against Formosa Dreamers on 12 January. Dragons were not performing well in the first half and were down by 17 points and 20 points in the third quarter. But with the help of Amir and Artino, Dragons made a comeback in the second half. Eventually, Amir made a clutch 2 pointer in the last 2.5 seconds, winning the game against Formosa Dreamers with 1-point lead.

“Thanks for the love and passion from the fans all this while, I loved the energy and support. Malaysia and Kuala Lumpur City will always be in my heart”, said Amir.

About the chances of Amir rejoining the Dragons, Amir’s answer has been the same during the termination of his contract, “You’ll never know”, said Amir.

Even though Amir has the player option, his agent has given some hope to the fans.

“We are open to anything in the future”, said Amir’s agent.

Israeli Premier League so far has finished their second last regular games, and Be’er Sheva Basketball Club is currently in the second last place. But due to the COVID-19, the last round of regular games has been suspended. Israeli Premier League is expected to resume the league behind closed doors on 20 June as the pandemic has slowly been under controlled.

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